The Strategic and Innovation Department participated in several major conferences in the topics listed below.

2018 Venture Capital In Creative Industry – Bálna, Budapest
The design week gave home to lectures that highlighted what venture capital could provide to the creative industry, which might be a successful and less successful investment, and how the fundraising stages are built.

2018 The Universal Sea International Conference – TRIP Boat, Budapest
The Universal Sea Conference focused on the pollution of the seas and the oceans, which is a critical factor in the future of mankind. This English-speaking conference also focused on how artists can help raise awareness of plastic contamination and how it is possible to efficiently manage the refined plastic waste innovations. VALOR HUNGARIAE Zrt. was represented a presentation written by Dániel Lőwy and presented by Markó Madaras.

2018 MEJE Conference
One of the leading speakers of the Hungarian Innovation and Electric Vehicle Industry Association was Géza Szőcs. The event was attended by Dr. Daniel Lőwy. The lectures at the conference summarized the most important achievements of the association.

2018 Economical and Environmentally Friendly Sewage Treatment – Innovative Technical Solutions Conference – Lurdy House, Budapest
The conference organized by the Hungarian Water and Wastewater Technology Association discussed topics such as different possible mud strategies, methods of sludge treatment and its economic issues as well as sewage sludge utilization. The speakers talked about the development of sludge treatment in the affected areas, the regulation of sludge treatment, and the development opportunities in various regions.

2018 Smart People Conference – Brody Studios, Budapest
At a conference organized by Smart People, several speakers presented the basics of bank financing. Factors in the outside world may have a disruptive impact on companies and this conference offered a solution to how organizations can adapt to changes in technology, consumer demands, or preferences.

2017 Think.BDPST Conference, Innovation Forum

2017 Sustainability and Innovation, Innovation Conference

2017 ELTE-Újbuda Innovation Day Innovation Conference

2017: Atypical Routes of Knowledge Management, Innovation Conference

2017 R & D and Innovation, The World of technology-based economies

2016 Smart City Hungary

2016 Budapest Water Summit, World Water Summit

2016 Innovation as Breakout Opportunity, Conference

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